Tailored Refresher Lessons and Lessons for Nervous Drivers

Tailored Refresher Lessons

If you passed your test a while ago and haven’t done a lot of driving since, then assessing your abilities and tailoring some refresher lessons to suit you, is an ideal way to “bring you up to speed”.

From driving at night to correcting bad habits behind the wheel, our refresher lessons can build on the skills and experience you already have whilst helping you re-learn safe driving methods.

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Lessons for Nervous Drivers

If you are nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car again, let us give you that extra bit of help you need.

There are lots of reasons for nervousness as a driver – perhaps you have been in or seen an accident on the road or perhaps you find other drivers (and their speed) intimidating – maybe it’s simply the thought of driving in bad weather such as heavy rain or fallen snow.

We’ll build lessons around the issues you need to deal with, leaving you much more confident to enjoy driving again.

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